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21 Feb 2015

Bold Predictions Not for the Faint Hearted

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After reading the world's analysis, these are my 7 predictions for 2015 (as written on 21 Feb 2015):
  1. Low Interest rates in USA will not only not rise (as promised by Yellen), but remain the same or even decline.  The recent rise in the US Dollar will be reversed by the second half of the year
  2. If you think that the market is awash with liquidity, there will be even more hot money floating around.  This is because Europe and other nations like Canada, Japan, China and Australia are now embarking on 'Quantum Easing', or printing of money into their economies
  3. Financial crisis will not materialize, instead there could be an Energy Crisis and Commodity Crisis. This means that everything will become cheaper due to the persistent low oil prices.  (note: I predict oil price will be below US$60 a barrel for most of 2015)
  4. Slow economic growth (less than 2%) will be the norm, and 1% to 1% growth is considered 'very good'
  5. Property prices in Singapore and most of the world will not go down, but in fact rise slightly towards the last quarter of 2015.  Note that property price in Singapore has less to do with demand and supply and more to do with government policies.  The Singapore government will not allow property prices to collapse in 2015. Some easing of the cooling measures will happen by May 2015. 
  6. Unemployment will rise in all countries as the world's economies are moving towards MI (mobile internet).  With mobile, less people are needed for economic activities. 
  7. Mobile Rules. Mobile will not only rule the economy but rule the world in other areas like politics, sports and travel. If your business has little mobile presence, your business is either very special or very quiet.
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