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11 Feb 2015

Live Life to The Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 will spot 5.1 inches with screen all round
Times have change: it's now fashionable to cover your backside.  Nobody does this better than Samsung: it's latest Galaxy S6 Edge has screen around its edges, the first in the world. 

In fact, The Samsung Way does things both sides.  That's why Samsung is so successful: it turned from a low-cost low-brand maker to a global high brand high price premium product maker.  (as covered in our courses)

There are 5 ways that we too can cover both sides:
  1. In business, we sell cheap and expensive at the same time to the same customers in the same product group.  Demand is always there. 
  2. In human resource management, we pay talented people not high salary but high unlimited incentives for those that perform 
  3. In Purchasing, we choose the cheapest vendor for purchases that don't matter and go for the highest price for procurement that matter, like software
  4. In Finance, we are very tight on daily cash payouts but generous for investments that yield long term returns (like investment in good team and systems)
  5. In Leadership, we lead from the top as well as follow what the lowest level people do, for what they do reflect the leadership from the top 
 I'm sure you can come across many ways to cover your both sides.  Some called this Blue Ocean Strategy, but it's simply cover your ass, period.  Related articles:




Date   :  08-May-15 ,  2 to 5.30 pm (Fri)
Venue : The Plaza 02-346 7500A Beach Rd   
Investment :1 pax s$298.00 ; 2 pax & above each is s$199.00 ; 5 pax & above each is s$149.00 ; 10 pax & above each is s$129.00 ; 15 pax & above each is s$99.00.
Find their hot buttons, press their hot buttons, we have heard these thoughts before; but what do they mean? Is it to say that as a sales person you should try to discover their primary areas of interest? How do these hot buttons help you close sales? Exactly what is a Hot Button? 
Hot button is not to be confused with Benefits or Emotions, nor is it about Fear and Force. In sales, a Hot button is a Trigger that once activated, the person will not go back to the original state of mind. This means that when you press the hot button, a sale will result. You do not need to close the sale as the sale is already yours.
Note that different people have different hot buttons, and they too differ at different time. Also note that You as a Salesperson is also a hot button, the same goes for your company marketing, branding and positioning.
In this new but highly impactful course, we will reveal to you the secrets of hot button selling. Centred around successful sales to over 81,131 people in 13 countries, we show you the step-by-step process to get you to the sale, Plus, you will also learn how to NOT let your prospect hit your hot button.
This sales course is for salespeople who want to get the sale RIGHT NOW and HERE. It is not for people who want to just learn and do not put into practise. Come for this course if you too want to achieve success in your sales.
Note: PIC 60% Cash Grant or PIC 400% Tax Deduction is available for this course. Call Nisa at 6225-1784 or text to Ng at 8201-4347 for details


  1. Problem with most salespeople: lack of trigger
  2. Definition of Hot Button, how it differs from Features, Advantages, Benefits, Fear, Emotions & Logic
  3. The 3 Types of Emotions that Trigger People to Act
  4. 5-Ways to Trigger Hot Buttons: Uncover Problems, Trigger Pain, Intensify Pain, Create the Heaven and Give them the Pay-off Now
  5. Top 25 Strategies on the above, including role play and case study
  6. Dealing with Prospects that hide their emotions
  7. The Importance of Dao in Hot Button Selling
  8. The Ultimate in Hot Button Selling: Creating Raving Fans 

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