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25 Feb 2015

5 Steps to Getting the Right People to Slog for You

(Note: You can take advantage of $500 Training Credit now, not 2016, details at here)

It's every manager or leader's dream to find the right staff to work for them so that they achieve more with less time.  There are 5 steps to getting the right people each and every time:
  1. Look for People that Have the Potential to Do Better Than What They Are Doing Now.  This means you cannot be looking for high flyers who are now having a very successful career.  You are looking for the hidden gems: people who are good but do not have a good career right now.  
  2. Offer them a salary that's higher than what they asked for.  This will lock in their interest and commitment in you.  Also offer increase in salary after probation or upon completion of certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  3. Be Generous in Your Incentives.  Offer 3-tiers of incentives: high rewards for achievement of 'impossible' targets, rewards for achievement of mutually agreed targets and token reward for efforts put in but have yet to see the rewards
  4. Offer a career path of rapid advancement or re-deployment
  5. Take care of their personal lives.  This could me help them to achieve their personal goals, provide welfare to their families or just a simple care and concern for them AS AN INDIVIDUAL, not a staff. 
How to Be a Better Manager in 4 Weeks
If you are like most managers, you would probably find that you are lacking in certain skills. This lack is causing you delay in your career growth. Worst of all, your boss expects you to know all and your subordinates are watching you every day.   

The truth is that most managers and supervisors are promoted based on their technical skills, and yet it is the managerial and leadership skills that will make them more successful. 

In this Power-packed How to Be a Better Manager or Supervisor program, you will learn proven strategies to improve presentation, negotiation, and how you can manage your team & boss. Focused around Asia Coaching Training coaching and training materials used in 39,871 companies worldwide since 1993, you will find the strategies you need to implement significant changes in your career.  The 4 key areas covered are People Management, Teambuilding, Leadership and Communication. 

This management development program is for managers, bosses, directors, managers, supervisors and executives who want to implement tomorrow what they learn today. This is hands-on learning, conducted over 4 weeks, to give you the impetus and momentum needed. Best of all, you will get coaching from a seasoned Coach. 

Now you might be saying - Yeah, I have heard it all before - and maybe you have. But if you are serious about actually doing and implementing something that will improve your career, then invest some time and get the help you need.  Note: this course is spread over 4 weeks so as to allow time for implementation and to create momentum of learning. 

Fee:$896 for one or $699 each for 2 & above.
Seats are limited to 12 only, register via email to or text to 8201-4347

Power-packed Contents not covered in schools include: 
Session 1: People Management Success (4 May Monday 2 to 5.30 pm)
1. Psychology of employees at work - how to make the best of them
2. Top 20 ways to motivate people without money 
3. Inspiring Your People to Be their Best in 7 Ways
4. Concept of Filling Buckets
5. Anthony Robbins concept of 6 Human Needs in Management
6. Power of Validation per Paul Newman

Session 2: Team-building Success (11 May 2015 Mon 2 to 5.30 pm)
1. Blair Singer 6 Keys to a Winning Team
2. What is Perturbation and How to Push through
3. De-selection system of hiring people. 
4. What to Do When You have the Wrong Team
5. GROW Model on Coaching your team to success
6. Exercise on how Teamwork can increase output by 3 times
* Bonus: Test on Do You Really Have a TEAM or TEFB?

Session 3: Leadership Success (18 May 2015 Mon 2 to 5.30 pm
1. How all Managers can be Leaders NOW
2. Top 10 Keys of Effective Leaders
3. How to lead in difficult environment 
4. Know what you want and get it
5. Five Ways to Effective Leadership: Have-to, Want-to, Body & Mind, Heart & Soul and Value Add
6. What to Do When Others Do Not Follow You?
* Bonus: Game on How to Do the Impossible (cut wood with paper)

Session 4: Management Communication and Negotiation (23 May Mon 2 to 5.30 pm)
1. Effective Communication in workplace
2. How to do High Impact Presentation and impromptu speeches
3. Influence People to Your Thinking
4. VAK Modalities of Communication (include Test)
5. Mastering the Art of Listening
6. How to negotiate for success. 
7. Case study: negotiate with your customer for 20% price increase.

At the end of this program, you will be empowered to rise above all management challenges. 

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