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9 Feb 2015

Make Your People Hungry but Not Angry

They say that Singapore employees are no longer hungry.  Many lament these employees lack drive, want more pay with less work, and become very selective in selecting which jobs to take up.  Many also do not take up skills training, and often resign without a job as they can rely on their past savings.

But if you talk to any Singapore employees they will tell you that they are not 'not driven' or hungry.  In fact they claimed that many employers fail to provide the right environment for employees to be hungry or driven.  If you look at employers like Facebook, Google, Samsung or Apple, they have created very good environment for their employees to be driven. The 4 ways these successful companies do are as follows:
  1. They offer extremely high remuneration and even higher salaries for those that out-perform.  High flyers are given rapid promotion opportunities and big performance incentives that may amount to another 1.5 years of salary
  2. If your company is unable to offer extremely high remuneration, your company can offer learning opportunities that even best universities cannot match.   Such learning experiences are often the acceptance of failures and the investment in ventures
  3. If the above is also not possible for your company, offer Family Ties that make people feel like they're working for their own families.  McDonalds' is famous for this: they treat their employees like their family members and in turn get very committed and loyal employees that would die for them
  4. Hope for A Better Tomorrow.  Like Asia Television Ltd (ATV) of Hong Kong, they are always 2 months late in their salary payments and yet 90% of the employees choose to stay on.  This is because ATV offers them lots of hope: their company is looking for a 'white knight' that would rejuvenate the entire company.
  5. Send them for Training.  Courses like How to be Driven, High Value Employees, High Contribution Employees, Effective Team Members and How to Be an Effective Employee.  (Click for details) When your employees attend such training, they learn not just the ways to contribute more, but also get a wake-up call from the trainer.  Such 'wacking' done in an entertaining manner will indeed make your people hungry and yet not angry.
Make People Hungry without Getting Angry

Date: 21 July 2016 Thursday 2 to 5.30 pm
Venue : The Plaza 02-346, 7500a Beach Rd   

Fee: $199 each, $99 each for 2 & above, $60 each for 5 & above (with 1 FREE Seat)

Yes, they say Singaporeans are not hungry and that is why they lost jobs to the foreigners. The truth is that Singaporeans are hard-working, but not as driven as compared to our neighbours. Many do not take much initiative and always wait for things to happen. They also dare not take risk and consider job security more important than doing a good job. On top of that, they want good pay and desire to go home punctually. No wonder many employers prefer to hire foreigners!

Whether you are highly educated, highly skilled or inexperienced, you know that unless your employees are driven, your company will NOT achieve much and your company will lose out to competitors in due course.

This course will inspire your team to do more, teach them the 5 Ways to Be Hungry without Going Hungry, and most importantly, get them to work hard as a team.

If you do not send your staff to this course, you are helping your competitor to be better than you.

*** This course qualifies for PIC (Productivity & Innovation Credit), where you can get 60% Grant. This means your net investment is only 40%. Hurry! Limited seats, register now!

Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. What is Being Driven and how does it differ from being hardworking and motivated
  2. Five Ps to Be Driven (Hungry without Getting Hungry) Purpose, Passion, Plan, Perturbation & Push-through
  3. Top 25 Strategies on the above
  4. Dan Millman 6 Peaceful Warrior Ways to be Driven
  5. Motivation without Money: How is it possible in 38 ways
  6. Power of Dianetics
  7. Getting Rid of Your Shadow Effect per Debbie Ford
  8. Dealing with problems including Pay Cut, Stress, Overwork and Disappointment
  9. The Ultimate in Being Driven: Rock Principle per Socrates
  10. Bonus 1: The Secret per Bob Proctor
  11. Bonus 2: How to Get What You Want and Want What You Got by John Gray 
1. Fully charged without stress
2. More done with less resources
3. Doing the Impossible
4. Eradicate Money as the Greatest Motivator
5. Transformation in your Team
For Who to Attend:
* Managers in HR, Operations, Finance, Operations and Research
* Employees working under Managers
* Self-Employed people
* People that are going through pay cut now or future

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