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8 Feb 2015

Make Others Rich

There are many gurus out there teaching people how to be rich - for yourself.

I teach others how to make others rich.

Because when you make others rich, you make yourself rich.

With the law of abundance, what goes around, comes around.  There are 7 ways that you too can make others rich:
  1. Teach Them How to Be Rich, like what we do in our training: we teach salespeople how to make their customers rich, employees how to make bosses rich and ordinary people how to be rich (read here for snippet) 
  2. Raise funds for them, or lend money to them at no or low interest 
  3. Give them your tools, strategies and tactics, either with money or free of charge
  4. Refer or link them to people that can make them rich
  5. Expand their mindset - make them positive and have limitless concept to do the impossible (there are many ways to do limitless thinking)
  6. Show them the way, give them a helping hand, and most importantly, give them the first steps
  7. Don't Make Them Poor.  This is so obvious, yet many rich people, in their bid to make themselves rich, often take advantage of others and make them poor.  Just look at the sky-rocketing property prices that put houses beyond the rich of ordinary people and you'll know what I'm talking about
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