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12 Feb 2015

The Dumbest Idea in the World

The dumbest idea in the world must be to think that you are the problem.

The smartest idea in the world must be to separate people from the problem.

All the world's wars are created when people think that people are the problem, when in fact there is a problem in people.

When you lump people with their problem, you become personal in your dealings with them.  Like when a service staff is rude to me, I make personal attacks if I think the staff is the problem, when in fact it is the service of the staff that is the problem.

The wisest idea in the world is to firstly see ourselves as not our problems.  If not, how can we solve any problem in the world?

The second step to solving any problem must be to know the root cause of the problem, followed by finding the solution to the problem.  The fourth and final step is to solve the problem.  If you too want to make your Chinese New Year holidays meaningful, put in good food for your brain.  Come for this rare course:

Now You Can Produce Great Results and Being Great
Date:  26 Feb 2015 Thursday 2 to 5.30 pm
Venue: The Plaza #02-346, 7500A Beach Rd (inside Parkroyal Hotel building)   

Fee: $298 each, $199 each for 2 and above

You are a boss, department manager, supervisor or going to be one of the above.

You know that to produce great results, you cannot be doing the old things that old bosses do: boss people around or do not have balls to tell people off.

As we know, greatness comes from inside: you need to be a Great Person, then you will do Great Things and get Great Results.

How to be a Tough but not Terrible Boss? How to be Nice to People and not Let them Climb over your head? Are there ways that any leader or manager can do to increase their results (or profits) without causing hardships?

Whether you are new or old in business, a big boss or a small boss, if you too want to get more results, this is just one course that you have to attend.

Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. The top 5 Fatal Mistakes that Bosses Make and How You Can Avoid them
  2. Becoming a MINDFUL Boss: What it Takes in 7 Ways
  3. First Engage your people then Drive them hard (and how)
  4. Teaching your employees to be Great Employees: the top 5 Ways
  5. Dealing with Difficult Employees and Under-Performers
  6. How to Be Tough but not Terrible: the top 10 Ways
  7. The 5 Essentials: Dealing with Team Disappointments, Handling Your Own Mistakes, Coping with Conflicting Interests and Handling Stress
  8. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routines to Make Bosses Great
  9. The Ultimate in Being a Great Boss: Make People better than themselves
Bonus 1: Your case studies
Bonus 2: FREE book - Turning Ideas into Gold- worth $54 when you register 3 pax

As seats are limited to 18, register today by emailing to or text to 8201-4347 now

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