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15 Feb 2015

Business Fortune in 7 Key Areas

Get your business read now, not later.  Because fortune favours the prepared, so said my fortune teller.  For those in business, remember that fortune goes to those whose business activities are aligned with the common good.  The 7 areas in your business as foretold by your fortune teller:
  1. Customers: You cannot rest on your laurels and assume that customers will come back, even though you have been serving them for decades.  Look at Microsoft: people don't use Windows phones even though they have been using Windows computers for 4 decades.  If only Microsoft can wow its customers and add more value every day, we will all be not using Apple and Android phones
  2. Vendors: Your suppliers are also your customers, so treat them well.  Treat your vendors better than your customers and you'll have non-stop business.  From the "Greatest Entrepreneur in the World" e-book
  3. Employees: The goal of all bosses is to find employees that will work for you for free.  Their passion and commitment are shown when you don't even pay them anything and they still continue to uphold your good name.  (Like what happened to Hong Kong's Asia TV now).  To do this, you must stop treating employees as employees but as family members.  People will die for blood ties, as the saying goes
  4. Government: Because governments all over the world are in need of money, you must pay your dues and never dodge taxes.  Also, governments have plenty of money to give away, but you must take advantage of government's schemes.  A good one is the PIC scheme: take it while it is still there. Get the right information PIC use, not abuse, at here
  5. Partners: A good partner can add wings to your flight.  But you must add value to your partner before your partner can bring profits to you.  A good way is to do things for them
  6. New Innovative Ideas. Ideas are for free, and they are there all the time, the question is are you ready to receive them or you always repelling them?  To open your mind, you need to read more, like this blog
  7. Training.  Over train yourself, get into daily learning.  Better still, get a coach to help you take away your stress and succeed faster and easier.  Things like this are very helpful

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