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27 Jan 2014

3 Steps to Making Your Wishes Come True

Whether you are struggling in your life now or you simply want to fast track your success, follow our 3 ACT Steps (Ask Count Take action) and your new year wishes will come true.  Guaranteed.
  1. Ask for What You Desire in Specific Terms.  Not just more money, but how much. Like I want to have 3 clients getting our 10 courses bundle at $1,499 each month, plus 5 clients for in-house training each month; 
  2. Count Your Foes, that's right, enemies that can prevent you from achieving your desires.  Then remove the 5 most common fetters to wishes coming true:
  • Weak desires
  • Goals inconsistent with your beliefs
  • Goals inconsistent with your values
  • Lack of good backing
  • No clear use of the extra money. Until you have clear use of the extra money, that extra money is of no meaning to you and thus it's difficult for you to achieve it
     3.  Take Action NOW to achieve your goals. This could be going back to your past leads, send a new year greeting card to your contacts or simply pick up the phone and look for business.  Any action taken today, no matter how small it may be, is better than no action because procrastination is the norm.  Happy wishing!

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details at here.

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