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3 Jan 2014

The Purpose of Training is Not What Most People Think

Mention the word training and most people would think of going back to school. Some will equate training to those long sessions into the nights where you would be challenged to do the impossible like cutting a cane with your neck.  There are some who think that training is for people who are not up to the par, high performers, they say, do not need training.

Recently, most people know that training is a competitive tool to outsell your competition, for the government's PIC scheme gives 60% cash or 400% tax deduction for training.

Yet we know deep inside use that the purpose of training is not the accumulation of knowledge and skills, but the use and application of such knowledge and skills to bring about change within us.  For when we change, then would our teamwork and organization change.  The teachings of trainers is to help us develop a good mindset so that we can think and act skilfully, not randomly.  Then the productivity and profits of the organization can improve.

True productivity requires training and a lot of discipline, as well as the heart and mind.  In training, people undergo a transformation of their attitudes, and their entire outlook, as well as their approach to work and life.  We believe that our training programs provide such a framework and guidance to work towards this transformation.  For example, we always incorporate a '30-Day Action Plan' to our training and get people to commit to applying the training to their work immediately.

However, such transformation do not come naturally.  As human beings, we have many negative attitudes, chief among those would be 'the training does not apply to me'.  Trainers understand that humans are unlike computers, where a simple push of a keyboard or a touch of the screen can delete a negative attitude immediately.  As humans, we need to apply a variety of approaches and methods, and most importantly, we need continuous change.

Thus if you go for training regularly, you will have a better change of making transformation and change. In short, the purpose of training is just one word: Change.

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of training programs at here.

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