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10 Jan 2014

More Pay for Less Work is Not a Dream Anymore

As an employee, it is your wish to earn more but work less this year. Otherwise, how are you going to improve your quality of life and work life balance?  Unknown to many people, it is possible to work less (really work less hours) but earn more (from promotion, bonus and incentives).  The following are the 5 most common ways that we teach to our clients:
  1. Higher Skills - either move up to management level or become even more specialized and be an expert in your work.  Higher skills also mean skills that are of higher demand, like leadership, sales and communication skills.  Studies in Australia show that if you attend at least 2 courses in a month (totalling 8 hours), your chance of getting a promotion in this year increases by 43%.  One of the fastest and free ways to acquire skills is to sign up for corporate training.  Your company will be happy to pay for them because they can get $15,000 cash under the PIC Bonus scheme. 
  2. Be More Skilful, which means to be very mindful of what you do and watch out for details.  This is because most employees are not good at details and bosses know that details can make a big difference in business.
  3. Lead People.  When you lead people instead of following people or just staying put, you can get more things done without doing them yourselves.  Unknown to many people, you do not have leadership skills after you get promoted.  You need to have leadership skills now to get promoted.  
  4. Make Money for Your Employer.  This means 7 things: higher sales, lower labor costs, lower overheads, lower risk, better cash flow, higher margin sales and lastly higher profits.  
  5. Spend More Money for Yourself.  Yes, this sounds stupid but we know that necessity is the best teacher. When you have high commitments every month, you have no choice but to think earn more.  Initially you have to work harder and longer hours to earn more, but after you get promoted you can work less and still earn more.

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