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21 Jan 2014

Three Things that Make a Difference

People often ask me as a trainer what new things I can impart to them.  When I reply that I cannot teach anybody anything new, they were disappointed.  Before they want to throttle me, I go on to explain that people do things for their own reason.  For learning to be effective, people must get to learn by themselves.

There are 3 steps for people to learn anything:
1st Step: Awareness

Most people are ignorant, deluded and unsure of what is right or wrong. That day in my training I asked my participants which apartment is near to town: Marine Parade Road or Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8.  Everyone said Marine Parade Road is nearer. But when I ask them why is the Marine Parade Road's apartment selling at 30% below the price of the Ang Mo Kio's one, they start to give me other reasons like the Ang Mo Kio apartment is a newer one.  I told them that this could be true, but we must aware of the fact that if 2 things differ in price, one is over-price while the other is under-price.

To me, that's awareness: able to see things as it is and not let your view be influenced by other people's views and not important factors. In order to be aware, we have to take out myths or delusions.

2nd Step: Accountability
With Awareness comes accountability, i.e. able to answer to yourself.  People can only take care of themselves if they they are aware of their responsibilities and not let someone be responsible for them.

Often with training, people will feel guilty that they did not do many of the things taught in the class.  In our training we get them to complete a 30-day action plan, and that sets the stage for them to be accountable.

3rd Step: Commitment
Only with accountability will people be committed. Commitment means able to take action on what you're supposed to do, it also implies some perseverance.  From my experience, constant reminders will make people strengthen their commitment.  We as trainers need to remind people what are the right things to do, and with regular training, they will have the commitment to get things done.

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details are here.

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