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17 Jan 2014

Don't Believe What You Were Told: The 7 Myths of Life

A myth is something that we think is true because most people believe or wish that it is true. In reality a myth is just a lie.  There is a market for myths because people like to have a better world. The following are the 7 Most Common Myths in Life: 
  1. Newspaper is about history and not about news at all.  A news is something that is very new and has not been over yet. So all newspapers should be renamed Historypapers because they report what has happened in the past. In fact they are not history but distorted history, for they reflect the views of the people controlling the media.  In Singapore, there is this free newspaper called "TODAY", and this 'newspaper' is definitely not about today and should be renamed 'YESTERDAY'.  On the other hand, what you do now is news because you are in the creation process of creating something new. 
  2. Your Bank Savings Account is Actually a Depleting Savings Account.  This is because the very low interest that they pay you (0.125% per annum) is way below the average inflation of 4% to 5% every year.  This means that after one year, your savings deplete by 3.875% to 4.875%!  That is the reason why people who 'saved' money into the banks hardly see their wealth increase at all after 10 years.  
  3. Perceived Reality is What we See, Hear, Touch and Sense. Reality is what is real, and what we see are actually our own perception of the reality and never about the reality itself. Like we see the sun rising every morning, in reality the sun does not move, it is the earth that is moving.  Marketers and politicians know this and they change our reality of things by brainwashing our minds. 
  4. We Cannot Forget Anything, We Just Don't Remember them in the first place.  Unless you have brain damage, what you remember now you remember for life.  There is no limit in your brain memory.  When people say they 'forget' something, it just means that they don't even remember it in the first place.  Like we can never remember what we ate for lunch last week, but if someone owes us money, we remember for life. 
  5. Going to Parties is Relaxation.  Parties are actually hard work and not relaxation because they make our 5 senses work very hard.  That's why people are exhausted instead of feeling energized after going to parties.  True relaxation is about relaxation of both the body and the mind.  One of the best way to relax your mind is meditation, whereas yoga relaxes your body.
  6. Governments Don't Create Wealth, they Distribute what is Created by the Private Sector.  This is very obvious, because government is about governing, an administrative function.  Unless the government goes into business, otherwise all governments are just spenders of wealth. Hard to believe but true!
  7. Happiness Can only be Pursued.  This is because happiness is a fleeting moment thing, and you cannot hold on to it as the moment passes so fast that you don't even know that it is gone. But in the pursuit of happiness, we get happiness because happiness is a journey, not a destination.
By Andy Ng, Trainer of How to Be a Better Manager, Successful Selling Strategies, How to Be a Great Boss and other management and sales courses.  Details are at here

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