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13 Jan 2014

Be a Limitless Person

"You can make a great product, but you have to convince people that what you are selling is greater".   CEO John Sculley, in his famous speech to Apple Computer staff in 1983, said, "We are not selling computers, we are selling what people can do with computers.  A tool for the mind, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is limitless".

Indeed, in sales, if you just sell a product or service, you are very much limited in how much you can sell.  But the moment you turn your selling into what your product or service can do for the customer, you can sell anything.  There is simply no limit in your selling.  Just look at the phenomenal sales of iPad and Samsung Galaxy phones and you will know what I'm talking about.

The following are the 5 most common ways to be limitless in your selling:
  1. The Money that Can be Made with What You Are Selling.  As long as this money that people get is more than what they are paying, there is value in what you selling.
  2. The Money that Will be Lost If People Don't Buy What You're Selling.  This is more powerful than the above, as people are more afraid of losing than gaining.  
  3. Look into the Future - how your product or service can make people's future better.  
  4. The Headstart that People can Gain Over their Competitors.   This is because in business, no one wants to be behind their competitors. 
  5. Pursue Your Dreams, as everyone has some dreams to pursue, for without dreams we will all perish. 
By Sales Trainer Andy Ng, whose sales courses are at here.



Date: 27 Jan 2015 (Wed) 9 am to 5 pm
Venue : The Plaza 02-346 7500A Beach Rd   
Fee: $398 each, $299 each for 2 and above, $199 each for 5 and above (with PIC 60% grant)
Your team has been working very hard and your company products and services are quite well accepted in the market. Your company has also invested heavily in marketing and systems. Yet you find it a challenge to keep up with the ever rising customer expectations and sales targets.
Make no mistake: all sales activities must have power or you will lose business to your competitors. Whether you are new or experienced in sales, if you too want to make this year the best of your career, come for this high impact 1-day course...Sales Power...
Note: With effect from 1 Jan 2012, all our training programs enable you to get 60% cash payout from the Government under the Enhanced PIC scheme. So take advantage of this Budget Goodie and train your team on selling and/or management skills. Call Andy at 8201-4347 for details


  1. Problem with Most Salespeople and What to Do about it
  2. How to Take Inspired Action by Setting Goals that Drives You
  3. The Five Most Elements in Sales - Prospecting, Marketing, Selling, Transactions and Wallet-Share
  4. How to Double Your Sales by just 10% Increase in Each Line
  5. Top 25 Strategies on the above (include your case study)
  6. The Sales Process from Needs to Closing 
  7. Selling differently to different VAK and DISC people
  8. Building Rapport with NLP Match & Mirror
  9. Overcoming Objections in 15 Key Ways and another 68 methods
  10. Sales Negotiation and How to Negotiate without compromising too much
  11. Jeffrey Fox Power of Dollarization
  12. The Ultimate in Sales Power: Enjoy the Journey and How
Bonus: Sure-win Scripts to Close Every Sale and Service Customers


  1. Higher Sales without Lowering Your Price
  2. Better Service without Increasing your Cost
  3. More Motivated Team without Increasing their Pay
  4. Higher Profits and Happier Team without Fuss
*** This course qualifies for PIC (Productivity & Innovation Credit), where you can get 60% Grant. This means your net investment is only 40%. Hurry! Limited seats, register now!


  1. Managers and Directors in Customer Service and Sales
  2. Executives in Sales, Bus. Dev. and Sales
  3. All Support Functions Executives and Managers
  4. Self-employed people in Insurance, Banking and Real Estate
  5. Retail Industry personnel


Ms Idah at 6225-1784 or Andy at 8201-4347 Email to


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