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14 Jan 2014

The QUIET Way to Handle Sales Objections

Today we look at a very useful concept that experts use to handle sales objections, it is called QUIET:
Q: Begin with a Question
U: Understand the objection (with more clarifying questions)
I : Identify the reason behind the objection
E: Empathize with the prospect's objection
T: Test the objection.

Q: Questions

Our 1-day sales training SALES POWER, is taught 7 times a year. Often participants are given a test at the end of the course on how they can handle the top 10 most common objections. One of the most effective is to turn the prospect's statement into a question.  When the prospect says, "Your price is too high", you simply pause, lower your voice, and respond, "You mean the price (pause) is too high for you?"  You are now asking further questions to clarify the prospect's objection so as to UNDERSTAND and IDENTIFY the reason behind the reason.  Usually the reason is not they cannot afford it, but they cannot see the value in what you are selling.

T: Test the Objection

We know that some prospects will not tell you the true objection, and some prospects will not know the true objection themselves.  You can do 2 kinds of tests to help you identify the real objection.

The first is 'Suppose" Test.  "Mr Prospect, just suppose that objection didn't exist. Would you go for this?"  It can also be "Suppose _______, then would you make a 'yes' decision, wouldn't you?

The second is Isolate and Validate Test.  You first ask, "Is there any other reason that would prevent you from taking advantage of our offer today?"  You don't want to deal with an objection competently and professionally and then have another objection spring up.  That's why you want to draw out all objections.

Once the prospect tells you, "No, that is the only objection", you can summarize to validate.  "So Mr Prospect, you're telling me that if _____ and ______ were not issues, you would go ahead, wouldn't you?"  By now the prospect would answer 'Yes' and you have the sale.

So my friend, use the above QUIET method to Handle Sales Objections and you'll close more sales than you can ever imagine.  Remember, until the sale is closed, you are considered as an expense, not profit generator, to your employer. You are not a salesperson until you can close sales.

By Andy Ng, whose sales include How to Close Every Sale, Irresistible Selling and Successful Sales Management. For details, click here.  

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