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14 Jan 2014

How to NOT Get Drained at Work

Many working people tell me (in our training courses) that it's hard to keep the momentum going and they are feeling tired at work.  

We know that if you are drained at work, your productivity will go down.  This will make you feel even more tired as you are not making headways at work.  If left unchecked, you will soon reach burnt-out stage.  Thus all employees, including bosses, must ensure that they don't checked out at work.  The following are the 7 proven ways that everyone can remain fresh and not get drained at work:
  1. Keep a Fresh Perspective every 90 days.  Every 3 months, take a fresh look at your job and its contributions to the society.  You'll realize that your work is not as stale as what it seems.  For we know that as long as you dig deep into your work, you will discover gems at your work.
  2. Take short breaks (5 to 10 minutes) every 2 to 3 hours at work.  If this is too much for your boss, you don't have to take smoking breaks; all you need to do is to not look at your computer screen for 2 minutes and that could be a break too.  
  3. Meditate (in your office). This sounds uncommon, but the world's second largest car company, Ford Motors, has been implementing meditation sessions into its office many years ago.  Today Ford is enjoying the benefits of daily meditation from higher productivity and this is evident from their company's strong performance in the market. 
  4. Learn Something New Every Day.  For learning keeps us fresh and we feel a sense of joy from the new understanding. 
  5. Look Beyond Your Achievements, Look at Who You Have Become.  For who you have become will give rise to your achievements tomorrow.
  6. Attend Seminars, Trainings and Symposiums. Such sessions will give you new ideas that you can apply immediately at your work.  Even if you just get one single idea from the sessions, it is worth your investment. Furthermore, the government now is giving 60% cash back or 400% tax deduction for your training fees under the PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) scheme. 
  7. Cut Out Totally Draining Activities, like Politics, Gossiping and All Unproductive Work, including brainless meetings and e-mails that do not go anywhere.  This must be the most powerful idea, but how many people can do this?
By Andy Ng, whose course on 'Becoming High Value Employees' is now making a comeback after running for 7 years.  The next session is on 3 April 2014 Thursday.  Just the ideas on 'Top 15 Things to Do to Win At Work' will be worth your investment.  For details, click here or call 6225-1784.    

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