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29 Jan 2014

The Best New Year Wish You Can Ever Have

Once there were 5 children sitting in front of a deity; they took turns to say their new year wishes.  The first child wished to have an entire house of candies, and the deity readily granted him this wish.  The second child was cleverer, he wished to own the McDonald's company, so that he can have as many fast food as he wishes.  This wish too was granted.

The third child was even smarter. He wished to have all of the wishes of the children in the room.  Surprisingly, this wish too was granted. Now the fourth child said the ultimate wish: he wished to have any wishes he can have in this world.  Isn't this the wish-all wish?  To his astonishment, the deity granted this child his wish.

Now come to the fifth and last child, and he paused for a while and said, "I wish to have no more wishes, because if I had ever lasting happiness and contentment, there is no need to wish for anything because life is complete and perfect".

My friends, isn't this the best new year wish you can ever have?  Instead of wishing to have more material things, why not make the best of what you have and enjoy them to the fullest?  If you truly enjoy life to the fullest, there is no need to wish for anything.  This, I believe, is the best and ultimate wish.

Written by Andy Ng, Trainer Coach who wishes all readers a prosperous and happy lunar new year!

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