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31 Jan 2014

Latest: Your Fortune for 2015 Told

As you may know, I seldom see fortune tellers, but this guy was highly recommended by my friend, and I just saw him today.  After some soul searching questions, this expert revealed to me the answers that I have been looking for in the past whole year.  I asked this soothsayer what he prognosticate for me in the 5 key areas of my life and these are his answers:

This year I have the chance to make more money than last year. However, I must be alert to take advantage of opportunities quickly or they will be gone. Furthermore, I must work hard, but not too hard or I will missed opportunities. As this year (2015) inflation will be another high, I must invest my hard earned savings into instruments that beat inflation, like REITs that offer quarterly dividends exceeding 4.5% per annum. Lastly, I must know how to donate money, for the more I donate, the more I have.

Career and Business: 
Things appear to be challenging in the short term, as the world economies are not looking rosy at least until the second half of the year. However, as long as the things that I do are unique and adding value, the bad economy will not affect me and in fact would help because people will appreciate vendors that add more value.

My forecast for the year is that I may have less time for family, but can make it up in terms of quality.  Remember, always set aside an hour a day or week for family time. and in the worse case, spend an extra minute with your family.

Friends will be coming along this year, especially professional friends from social media like Facebook, Linked and Google +.  Be sure to add them and send caring messages to them, as this is the fastest way to build friendships.  Also, click the 'Like' button often, and refrain from nasty comments.  

Food intake will be more important, especially with the advent of more food scares.  I was told to cut down on meat consumption, and to make it a point to have a day in a week as totally vegetarian, or a meal in a day to be vegetarian.  Regular exercise is important, but exercise of the mind is of greater importance.  Meditating once a day for 10 to 20 minutes is very useful. 

Overall, this fortune teller said that as this is the year of the Goat and not the Pig, I have to put in more effort.  Continue to do what you do best, cut down on things that don't work, and most importantly, have fun!

If you too want to get your fortune told, drop me a message at this blog or text to me at 8201-4347 and I'll be happy to share with you the contacts for this very accurate fortune teller.  As he is my friend, he only charges $10 if done via online.

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