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8 Jan 2014

Mention this and The Whole World Will Listen to You

In this world of mobile phones and tablets, it is hard to be heard as people will hardly listen to you when you speak.  This is because everyone is so busy looking at their own screens that they will not hear your screams.

Many people lamented that youngsters today have no respect for elders. Employers complained in our training courses that their employees often do not follow their instructions.  Salespeople talked about the good old days when customers would simply believe everything that they said.  Teachers increasingly find it difficult to get their message across, regardless of how hard they try.

It seems that nobody listens anybody.  Is there something that we can mention so that people will listen to us immediately?  The answer is: Benefits.

Benefits is the world's most common language.  It is read in the mind as 'What's In It for Me?'  Psychologists said that the moment you mention benefits, people open up their minds and they will start to listen to you.  This is because human beings have this natural instinct to survive, and they need to know what a message can do for them before they can really listen to it.

Whether you are disciplining someone, persuading someone or just merely informing people, mention what benefits they can get from your communication and you'll have clear and immediate response from people.  Try this in your next communication....

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of courses on sales, management and executive skills are found here.

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