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4 Jan 2014

How to Make People Like You in a Instant

We all have this experience: there is dispute between us and another person.  If we insist that we are right, they will start to dislike us.  Soon there will be quarrels and exchange of bad feelings.

We also know that it is hard to find agreement or consensus immediately. If we let such bad feelings linger on, relationships will be affected.

Whether we disagree with people, or they have complaints about us, if we want to diffuse tension and move people towards us, we must make them like us immediately.

The strategy is very simple: make yourself same as them. Psychologists told us that once people see sameness in us, their hostility towards us goes down immediately.  Sameness creates rapport, with rapport there is trust. And if your tonality is warm, they will like you instantly. 

Like this morning, I received a complaint call from a person that received our email blasts.  She was angry but I told her that it must be a computer error, for our computer was too affected by a virus.  Her anger immediately dissipated.

On the other hand, making yourself the same as them is also a very useful technique to drive away telemarketers from calling you non-stop.  Whatever product they're selling, you just tell them that you too are working for a outsourced telemarketing company.  You can propose to them that if they buy your product, you would buy their product too.  The telemarketer will put down the phone immediately....

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of our sales and management courses are at here.

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