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9 Feb 2014

5 Questions to Sales Success

To sell well in any market, the key is to ask and answer 5 questions well.  The 5 questions lead from one to the other.  Note that in this fast-paced business climate, you must be ready to be wrong and don't defend your answers if you think they're wrong.  Change your answers fast by taking the right action and you'll be on the road to success. The 5 Questions are:
  1. What is your Specialisation?  Type of customer? Product or service?  Geographical area?  For us, we provide effective training on sales and management for companies in Singapore and the region. 
  2. Differentiation: How are your products and services different from others?  In what ways they are superior?  For us, our training programs focus on easy to remember key points and practical issues.  In fact we don't train but coach people in our courses, leading to participants feeling their burden relieved. 
  3. Segmentation: What are your very best customers, the ones that appreciate your areas of specialisation and differentiation?  Can you describe them in details like size, income and demographics?  For us, our best clients are those that want to apply immediately what they learn, and they are usually companies with less bureaucracy and more pro-active.  
  4. Concentration: What can you do to focus all your marketing communication and sales efforts to serve your best potential customers?  To us, it is through daily articles at our blog ( and weekly e-newsletters. 
  5. Positioning: What words do you want people to use when they talk about you?  How are you positioned in their minds?  Is your name the first one they recall when they think of your products and services?  For us, they recall us easily as our articles always reach their emails week in week out. 
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers.  For those that want to get a headstart in their sales, come for Successful Selling Strategies, Selling Ice to the Eskimos, Winning Sales Strategies, Sales Success System and Sales Power. Details of the course are found here  Related articles:

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