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25 Feb 2014

They Laugh When They See Me Addicted to my Smartphone...But When they See Me Smile...

With people using their smartphones (and tablets) on average over 3 hours a day, that's even more than the amount of time people spend on their home computers and TVs.  But only 9% of the time (16 minutes) is on talking, the bulk of the time (72% or 2 hours) is on instant communications, especially group and private messaging on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line and WeChat).  Many people wonder if we have become slaves or addicted to our smartphones as many people carry them even inside the water closets.  However to us, the smartphone is just a tool, it is neither good or bad.  We can make ourselves smarter with our smartphones in the following 7 ways:
  1. Learn something new every day by reading blogs, seminar write-ups, news analysis, commentaries and TED videos; 
  2. Become a Guru instantly by broadcasting to others our unique thoughts on current events.  For example, I posted on my facebook the biggest disappointment of the year: the Samsung Galaxy S5 and immediately got recognised as the expert;
  3. Love your families and friends by keeping in touch with them constantly via your Whatsapp, Facebook and Weibo accounts;
  4. Tune in to the latest news that's happening by the minute, and never have to read newspapers again (other than advertisements for good deals and news analysis);
  5. Discover new ways things are done, be it entertainment, school work or 'how-to' series via YouTube videos and AppleDaily; 
  6. Read full books (at 50% discount) and book samples (for free) on Google's Play Books app.  You can read over 10 books a month or 120 books a year easily with such convenient tools; 
  7. Get non-stop inspiration and motivation with apps that push positive messages to you on the go.
In fact, if you use your smartphone in the right ways, your 3-hours usage is not addiction but lifelong continuous learning, which is what life is about, right?  So go ahead and use your smartphone more!  Note: our company is now giving out the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 worth S$328 free to every 5 seats registered.  Click here to see the full courses or email to us. 

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