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21 Feb 2014

Wishful Living is Wasteful Living

Yesterday I talked to someone who told me he wish to learn how to close sales, but he is only free next week.  When I told him that we have a course How to Close Every Sale on next Friday, he was shocked.  I told him that he can attend for half price too as he is my friend.  I would expect him to say yes immediately.  Imagine my shock when he told me that he wanted to 'think about it'!

Some people dare not commit anything and never live life in willing ways.  The way to test them is to give them whatever they wish, and 99% of the time they will not bite.  That's what I called living life in wishful ways.  When you live life in wishful ways, there are 7 negative consequences:
  1. You never realize your dreams
  2. Life is always incomplete and you'll have more and more wish-list as time goes
  3. You will miss opportunities and will miss the boat
  4. Life will seem happy but deep down you will feel a sense of emptiness or incompletion
  5. There are always suffering of un-satisfaction
  6. Soon enough people will stop giving you good things because you never receive them
  7. There will be more regrets than rewards in your life.
So my friend, if you don't want to live a life of waste, stop living in wishful ways.  Instead live life in willing ways. Remember, if you commit nothing in life, life is not worthwhile committing.

By Andy Ng, Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of How to Be a Great Boss at here.  Related articles:

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