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13 Feb 2014

Find Out if Your Boss is Crazy by Asking Him this Simple Question

In our training and coaching sessions, a question people often ask is: what is the first step to take if you want to improve your performance at work?  My answer is: Realize that Your Boss is Not Crazy.

Many people often feel that they are not in control of their destiny at work and believe that it is their bosses that determine everything at work. Even if this is true (of course we don't for a moment believe in this), you can still control your fate at work.  Just start to realize that you are in control and you can do something about it.

For example, you can improve your performance by becoming more efficient and more effective.  Efficiency is doing things right while effectiveness is doing the right things. You can put in more hours or even come back on Saturday/Sundays to clear the backlog.  Or you can take up some training to improve your skills, knowledge and attitude.  You can also seek help from your seniors.

In fact there are countless of ways that you can do, all you need to do is take the first step.  Do not, like most people, give excuses or reasons why you cannot do the above.  For me, the only valid reason is your boss disallows you to be more hard-working.  If this is so, your boss must be crazy!  Of course there are no such insane bosses in this world!

In short, you are always in control of your career.  Here are 7 simple things you can do to be more hard-working:

  1. Work 2 extra hours a day (by starting 30 minutes earlier, taking only 30 minutes lunch break, eliminate breaks during the day by 30 minutes, and stay back 30 minutes)
  2. Set your own goals to achieve the boss or company's goals
  3. Work well with other team members to produce strong teamwork
  4. Learning something new everyday
  5. Pro-actively ask your boss, "What is the one or two things that I can do to make your work easier?'
  6. Take up More Duties and Responsibilities
  7. Do an Excellent Job in whatever you're doing.
Of course the more aggressive ones can go to their bosses and ask when is the earliest that you can get promoted.  If the boss says, '3 years', then work out with your boss a 2-year plan to make it happen.  Even if promotion is not possible (you could be at the highest possible level), ask your boss what ways you can be an A at work.  If your boss says no to this, you really have an insane boss! 

By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers.  For details of our management and sales courses, click here

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