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6 Feb 2014

So Important Yet They Never Tell You

Yes, certain things are so important but they just don't tell you. Either they assume that you know or they find it hard to say it out.  But we know that misunderstanding is the cause of all work problems and clear communication, even to the extent of over-communication, is the safest policy. So managers and bosses should tell people the most important thing at work: Work Ethics.

What is work ethics?  Many people equate it to honesty and integrity, when in reality it is more than that.  In our work with companies training over 81,131 people in 13 countries since 1996, other than integrity and honesty, the following are the 5 Key Elements of Work Ethics:
  1. Fairness - put in fair share of work and not take things for granted.  Do not work only when the boss is around, instead play fair by putting in the 8 hours that you're contracted with.  If you take time for facebooking and whatapping with your friends, make sure you pay back the lost time everyday.  
  2. Add Value - everything you do as an employee must be adding value and not just doing the work.  For example, if you answer the phone, do not just say, "Sorry Alex is not around", say also "How can I help you?"  Adding value means creation, that is, creating value.  See my blog on 26 Nov 2013 on the 7 ways to add value by clicking here
  3. Work Well with People - be a Team Player and do not create inter-personal problems.  Most importantly, deal with difficult people and never become a difficult person yourself!
  4. Competency - improve your competency on your own, like be familiar with your company's website and know its products and services well.  Most importantly, work on improving your competency on your own, do not rely on the company to send you for courses but instead sign up for external training (with PIC Funding) on your own.
  5. Cheerful - since the company is paying you salary, put on your best at work. Do not bring your personal problems to the workplace, and never put on a sulky face, unless your employer is not paying you on time.  Most importantly, team spirit is contagious - if you are enthusiastic, other people will treat you well and work will be productive. 
For further details on how to become a high value employee, click here.  Be sure to add this blog to your favourites and download Blogger app on your mobile phone for easy reference. Our blog is 

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