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25 Feb 2014

Salespeople, Not the Market, Are the Problems

Yes, the lack of sales is not caused by the market, your competitors or even your boss.  Salespeople are the problems, and the big problem is that they don't even realize this.  By far the biggest problem is salespeople not realizing that they are the problem and justify their situation as 'everyone is also like that, right' thinking.  There are 7 ways that salespeople make themselves the biggest problem. Know them, eradicate them, and you'll be on the path to greatness in sales...
  1. Lack of Selling Skills, especially in doing sales follow-up and overcoming of tough objections;
  2. Never Leverage on the Team, especially the customer's team and your company's support team;
  3. No Follow-Through and Follow-up on Leads, leading to no leads and thus no sales;
  4. Lack of Lead Generating Activities, resulting in no prospects to follow-up on and thus no prospects in sales;
  5. Never Listen to the Real Needs of customers, thus missing on the big picture and cannot close sales;
  6. Stop Learning and Think that they Know Everything.  Like many of them still doesn't know how the PIC scheme can help them to increase their sales;
  7. Assume Too Much, and Do Sales based on wrong assumptions.  Like assuming people want lower price when they say that your price is too high, when in fact they are asking you to show them the value of what you are selling.
By Andy Ng, Sales Trainer at Asia Trainers, details of sales courses are at here.  Related sales articles:

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