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3 Feb 2014

6 Sure Steps to Climb Higher in Your Career or Business

As the Chinese saying goes, 步步高升, or Every Step Go Higher, this is my wish for you in your career or business. We have to climb higher because Sun Tzu said in the 'Art of War' that a higher position gives us better view and safer protection from adversaries. But you need to be careful and not let your fear of heights freezes you, for instead of  步步高升, you'll end up with 步步惊心 (Every step in Fear).  There are 6 Ways that everyone can climb higher this year without fears:
  1. Start High.  That's right, start high and not start low.  Go to the highest point in your organization.  The highest point in this world is high moral grounds.  Don't stoop to low tricks, thinking that they are short cuts when in fact they cut short your success.
  2. Aim High.  Yes, aim for the stars and not the moon because in case you fall down, you'll land on the moon and not space!
  3. One Step at a Time.  Such lasting way leads to sustainable growth, the buzzword for today's corporate executives.  It simply means every day take a step, including public holidays and Sundays.  This is because we are growing all the time, including rest days.
  4. Equip Yourself with a Killer Skill that Few People Possesses.  For me this skill could be Psychology, Reading People, Chinese Ancient Military Tactics, and Meditation.  
  5. Get People to Teach You.  Unknown to many people, the fastest way to acquire knowledge is to get people that have been there to teach you.  Such people are very willing to teach you as long as you are able to appreciate their teachings.  Of course you could also like me take up courses conducted by professional trainers.
  6. Serve More People without Money.  Yes, the moment you serve people without money, you'll realize the true meaning of service and soon your skills, aptitudes and experience would be different from the rest. Once you reach this stage, you have already climbed higher in your career or business even without you knowing.  And at this higher level, your income will increase exponentially.  Just look at free services in the world like Facebook, Youtube and Google Search and you'll realize what I'm talking about.
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at Asia Trainers and Asia Coaching Training.  Details of courses are at here.  Other related articles on career development include:

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