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16 Feb 2014

Today's 5 Lessons for the Workplace Warrior

In case you do not already know, we are all warriors in life, and the biggest war we fight is the war within ourselves.  Psychologists said that we have over 16 million thoughts everyday, and at every moment a few conflicting thoughts are going through in our mind and our thoughts have to fight to see which thought can come out stronger than the rest.

In the workplace we are too fighting: fighting for promotion, for business, for attention, and for appreciation.  Learn these 5 lessons today and you'll be a more successful workplace warrior:
  1. Low Maintenance First.  Before we can talk about being a high performing employee, we must first be low maintenance.  This means that we do not require much input and help from our bosses and we are independent and reliable.  Like we are being trained, disciplined, healthy (not fall sick often), and most importantly, be easily trainable.  Also do not break down often (i.e. let go your negative emotions in public). 
  2. Be Creative. Here creativity is about creation, i.e. how can you create value in your daily work. Instead of just doing your work, why not create value in everything that you do?  Like you make someone's day by smiling, you suggest alternatives when there is no stock, and most importantly, you create value by simply spreading enthusiasm in the office. 
  3. The Boss is Always Right.  If you think your boss is wrong, think again.  If still cannot be satisfied with your thinking, that means you have the wrong boss!  
  4. People Don't Mean What They Say, and Say What They Mean.  So if your boss says that your performance is 'okay', this means that you are not up to the mark!  Also, when customers are angry or scold you, it doesn't mean that they won't buy from you again.  Just look at the high number of complaints against Facebook since its inception and it's huge success today (over 1.23 billion active customers daily) and you'll know what I mean.
  5. Everything is Created Twice, One in the Mind and Another in the Physical World. Before you begin the project, if you think that the project is not possible to be done, it will be impossible to be done. That's why it is important to think the right thoughts as this is the beginning of everything.  Read 'The 8 Steps Thinking' at here.  
By Teacher Andy Ng, whose courses on management and sales are at here

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