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20 Feb 2014

The 5 Most Inspiring Words and Phrases that Make People Want to Die for You

In management training we know that people don't remember what a manager does for them.  But what he said will be remembered for life.  Thus instead of just saying things in a plain, old and uninspiring way, why not say it a powerful, motivating and inspiring way?  The following 5 are most powerful:
  1. I would like to hear your opinion. Wow, people love to be treated as important and want to be heard.  But you must really hear them before giving any opinion. Never give any judgement, otherwise this will be another of those 'for show' things that will not engage people and enrage them instead!
  2. I know you can do better than do.  This is often used when you want people to do difficult assignments or when their work is below your expectations.  
  3. If you were me, what would you do?  This really put them on par with you, for they now have the rare opportunity to think like you.  Great ideas will flow, and because the ideas are from them, they will execute them happily and willingly.  They may even die for you!
  4. Are there 1 or 2 things that I could do to help you make your life easier?  This is very direct and straightforward and you will be seen as caring and helpful.
  5. What do you really like to have from me as your boss?  This is called Listening Power, and with this you'll have Leadership Power.
By Andy Ng, Management and Sales Trainer from Asia Trainers

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