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27 Feb 2014

The 5 Strategies that Make Android the World's Fastest Growing System

Whether you are an employee, manager, salesperson or professional, we can all adopt the winning ways of the world's biggest computing platform: Android.  A company started by Andy Rubin in 2003 and launched to the world in 2008, Android is now the world's largest operating system for computers, especially smartphones. As at December 2013, Android has captured 82% of all smartphones and tablets, overtaking Apple since 2012.  Today there are more than one million applications (or apps) written using the Android's open-source operating system, with over 1.2 billion mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) installed.  The 5 Winning Ways of Android are:
  1. Focus on Product, not Marketing.  Android focused on creating apps that are useful, e.g. Play Books, Color Note and Panoroma Camera.  In fact, many of the Android's apps are more innovative than Apple's iOS, and this is also the reason that makes Android's platform more popular than Apple.
  2. Leverage on Parters, not Compete with Partners.  Android did not, like Microsoft, compete with its partners.  Instead Android works closely with partners to create scale-down versions like Amazon's Kindle, Nokia X and Nexus tablets.   When you work with partners, your partners will see you as non-threatening and they will in turn work with you more. The result is more results for you
  3. Focus on Customers' Needs, Not Gimmicks.  Unlike Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 smartphones which come out many gimmicky features that few people turn them on, Android focused on the real needs of smartphone users: flexibility.  Unlike Apple, you can create and customize as many home pages you desire on your smartphone, making you more productive
  4. Fast, Nimble and Disciplined Approach.  Android did not, like Microsoft, become slow in coming up new applications.  Because of its nimble and small operating size, Android can respond faster to rapidly changing needs.  This is in stark contrast to Blackberry, where even until today you cannot install WeChat app.
  5. Go Mobile and Not Fixated on Any Single Platform.  Android works on all devices: Blackberry, Samsung's Tizen, Microsoft's Windows and even Apple's iOS.  Android also works on PCs, laptops, GPS, e-book readers, Smart Watch and even TVs.  The advantage is that it gives users ultimate convenience.  This is is unlike the operating systems from Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry. 
Because of the above 5 reasons, Android has become now the de-facto computing platform in a short span of just 6 years (since the 1st HTC Android phone came out in 2008).   In fact, Android's rise is faster than Apple's iOS, and beats the industry giant Microsoft's Windows.  Such success can definitely inspire many of us to also beat the giant in our market.

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, details at here.

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