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18 Feb 2014

The Single Most Important Element in Training that They Don't Tell You

Following my previous blog on the need for bosses to force their employees to attend training or they will never be trained, people asked me if there are painless ways to force training. The following are the 5 ways that have worked very well with our clients (from Lego to SingTel, DBS and AIA): 
  1. Provide sumptuous lunch. The best must be an international hotel buffet that includes sashimi, local delicacies and western ice cream. As we know, such training meals are also 60% paid by the government under PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit). 
  2. Use movies clips to entertain and educate at the same time. Like this year 2014 we use movies never used before like Jobs, Freedom Writers, The Lion Men, Man of Steel and Cast Away.
  3. Have games that have the surprise element, like the trainees able to cut a piece of wood with just a piece of tissue paper;
  4. End the session early. Make it as a reward for the the trainees to complete certain tasks. By the far this is the most effective and most motivating for the trainees. The beauty is that the trainer too get to work less but with higher value! 
  5. Bosses Join in the Training. When employees see that their boss is also attending the same training as them, their painful feeling will disappear immediately. 
For those that want to know more on how to painlessly make training entertaining and educational, click here for our latest course schedule.  Other related articles on PIC funding and training:

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